What We Can Offer

Prime Auto Care strives for service excellence by providing its clients with the highest-quality automotive services and solutions. We offer outstanding grooming treatments for basic vehicles and even for the most luxurious pieces. What’s more, we give you the flexibility to choose from the many grooming packages we offer, giving you the freedom to decide which solution is best for you.

What We Do

Prime Auto Care aims to be your preferred car grooming specialist delivering excellent auto-detailing services. Our team of professional detailers provides comprehensive car grooming, treatment and restoration services

Basic Car Grooming Packages

Give your car a brand new look with our basic car grooming packages tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Car grooming Packages

Remove stains and odours with comprehensive car grooming solutions provided by our dedicated team of cleaning professionals.

Nano Sealant Treatment

Achieve a long-lasting shine and protect your car’s paintwork with our nano sealant treatment.

Hydrophobic Treatment on Windscreen and Windows

Keep your windshields and windows clean and protected with our best-performing hydrophobic treatment.

Leather Seats Cleaning and Protection

Restore and protect your leather car seats from cracking or fading with our fabric cleaning and protection services.

Carpet Cleaning

Prevent grit and grime from accumulating into your carpet fibres with our automotive carpet cleaning solution.

Engine Degreasing

Remove all kinds of oil, grease and grime with our intensive engine degreasing.

Nano Mist Anti Bacteria Treatment

Keep your car cleaned and sanitised with our nano mist anti-bacteria treatment that kills any germs and bacteria hiding inside your vehicle.

“PRS” Restoration Services

Experience premium automotive care from our professional mechanics with our PRS restoration services.

Headlamp Restoration and Shine

Enjoy a safe and comfortable night driving by improving your vehicle’s headlight performance with our headlamp restoration services.

“PRS” Hypershield Coating

Protect your car from all types of dirts and pollutants with our hypershield coating treatment.

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